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Tenorshare Video Converter 5.0

Versatile video conversion tool with editing and audio extraction capabilities
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If you need to transform your bulky DVD and HD video files into a smaller format that your tablet or smartphone can play or simply convert existing video files between formats, Tenorshare Video Converter is a very interesting and powerful option to consider. The extensive range of formats supported, together with its audio extraction and video editing capabilities, make it an interesting tool with a wide array of conversion and enhancing possibilities.

This conversion tool supports all the most widely used and well-known video and audio formats (both lossy and lossless). This extensive list of codecs and formats is neatly arranged by brand and device, by format (audio, video, HD, and Web), and by frequency of use – i.e. you favorite and most widely used formats and codecs. Thus, you can transform bulky Blu-ray or DVD files (M2TS, VOB, TS, etc.) into smaller video files of excellent quality, or extract their audio stream and save it in your favorite listening format (MP3, WAV, FLAC, WMA, M4A, etc.). Those with a wider experience in video conversion or audio extraction can make use of the program’s device- and codec-based settings, which will allow them to customize the output to better fit their preferences. Novice users may prefer to make use of the program’s default settings provided for the device they will be using, which offer the best possible combination between video and audio quality and storage space.

The program is very easy to configure – the wide selection of presets provided, together with its support for batch conversion make it an excellent choice for all users. Regrettably, though you are allowed to convert a big number of files in one single operation, you are limited to one output format. However, though multiple-output batch conversion is not supported, the program comes with a set of editing tools that will allow you to customize the output so that it fits your favorite codec, your device specifications, or both. Thus, you can crop and trim your videos, add a watermark or a copyright notice to them, and even add subtitles to them in the most commonly used formats, such as SRT, SUB, or SMI. Audio files (in any of the supported formats) can also be somehow edited and converted using this tool – you can open an audio file and transcode it into any of the other audio formats supported, or extract a portion from it and save it in its original audio codec or in a new one of your choice. The possibilities are endless.

Tenorshare Video Converter is much more than just a simple video converter. You can use it not only to watch bigger files into your portable devices without losing much of its original quality, but you can also extract their soundtrack, select your favorite fragments, and even re-encode existing audio files into more suitable audio codecs. Its versatility, its wide support for an extensive range of video and audio formats and codecs, together with its editing capabilities, make it a tool worth considering.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Supports all well-known formats and devices
  • Customizable settings
  • Can be used as an audio extractor and converter
  • Includes useful editing features
  • Device-based output formats
  • Wide range of device- and codec-based output presets


  • Multiple-format batch conversion is not possible
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